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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PetLove App?

PetLove is a comprehensive veterinary preferred pricing program designed to make your pet's care more affordable. This program is offered through a network of participating veterinary providers.

These savings are available for all services such as routine check -ups, elective surgeries, and preventative care. There are no exclusions for pre -existing conditions, no deductibles and no limits on the savings you will receive. No medical history is required to become a PetLove member.

Is PetLove an Insurance?

NO. PetLove aims to provide a Pet Care Savings Program (PCSP) designed to save money for its members on everything for their “other” family member --- their pets!
PCSP is not insurance.

So there are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCLUSIONS based on age or pre-existing conditions, NO FORMS to fill out, NO DEDUCTIBLES (Participation Fees), and NO PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS required.

With PetLOVE's PCSP, members enjoy significant discounts at network veterinary clinics or veterinarians on most medical procedures and other pet services at our growing list of participating providers.

How can I benefit from being part of PetLOVE?

As a PetLOVE membership holder, you can avail discounts on a wide variety of veterinary and grooming services. The program includes annual vaccinations, examinations, tests, treatments, and medications. 

Who can qualify?

All pet owners qualify! The PetLove App services can be used at any participating network veterinary clinic. 

How do I Activate my PetLOVE Membership?

Membership activation is prompted once you sign up on your account via the PetLove App.

How does it work?

You must be signed up and registered in the app to be access your provider at the time of service. The member is obligated to pay the veterinarian at the time of service, for all veterinary services performed during the visit.

The discounted fees charged by the provider are based on the agreement established between the provider and PetLove. The provider will verify the member’s eligibility and confirm the preferred rates to be paid.

Is there an age limit for my Pet’s participation?

There is no age limit for participation, as well as no limits on the total savings you will receive.

What if I want to cancel?

PetLOVE membership can be cancelled prior to its use within 30 days of enrollment.

You will obtain a refund of your membership fees, less Php 300 for the administration fee. 

How do I renew?

Your PetLOVE membership will automatically renew on an annual basis if you are using credit or debit card. Your accounts will be automatically charged for the appropriate amount.

For cash payments, you will be prompted thirty (30) days prior to expiration via the PetLove App.

Which pet owners are targeted by the PetLOVE App Program?


Consider having a new pet… the first thing a new pet owner will be looking for is a veterinarian to care for their pets ongoing preventative care, maintenance and health issues.

After becoming a member of the PetLOVE App Program, new pet owners will be provided with a number of products and services.
Pet owners can also log their pet's medical information into the online system, making it available for emergency veterinary teams.


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