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Duenos De Perros
En Ciudad De Cavite

Duenos De Perros En Ciudad De Cavite is an annual event that holds fun pet activities in Cavite City, inviting all  pet owners that treats their pets as member of their family. Held last October 20, 2018, and was sponsored by PetLove, Vitality, Purifa, RuffRuff, Badong Adventure, Vetshield, and many more. 

Dogs are social creatures, like humans, they play, they protect, they love, and most of all, they enjoy human interaction and attention.

These amazing creatures  deserve to be loved and adored. Their social cognitive skills have become lateral to that of humans due to their long term association with them.

The event was organized by Dueños de Perros en Ciudad de  Cavite (Dog Owners of Cavite City) lead by Ms. Donna Graciella Espiritu a dog enthusiast, along with top dog food brands, which participants is privilege to get giveaways by presenting a stub from  respective pets’ registration. The event also showcased a pet and pet owner tandem fashion show so that different pet owners can express to other people their love with their furry friends.

It is PetLove’s second time to be invited by Dueños de Perros en Ciudad de Cavite, being able to reach a  market that is outside Manila and meeting thousands of pet lovers brought so much joy to us. Having the chance to join an event like this is an amazing and great experience. We are able to extend our program to  the pet lovers that are keen in providing a better life and welfare for their furbabies.

during the fashion show, only one must stand out, and Three judges had a hard time choosing the  winners because all of them performed really well. Here are some winners that captured the eye of the audience and judges.

It was a lot of fun witnessing the representation of the winners. One cannot deny that with no almost effort at all, pets  manage to bring so much joy into our lives. They make us laugh, comfort us when we’re sick or upset and are always there for us no matter what. It’s no wonder that an estimated 11 Million Filipinos owns a dog, that made us 5th largest dog owners population all over the world, behind USA, China, Russia, and Japan.

Not everyone understands the bond between a human and a pet, or even realizes how much pets do for their owners. PetLove caters animal welfare that supports and helps every pet owner in taking care of their beloved  pets.


In all competition there’s one that will stand out the most and will bring home the grandest prize as a grand winner. Meet Milan, among all of the contestants, Milan is different, she’s not a Poodle, not a Beagle, not Golden Retriever, not a Shih Tzu, or even a Chihuahua. Milan is a local dog that is known as “Aspin” she’s from a simple family, her owner is an ordinary person that has an extraordinary heart. 

Unlike all of contestants that has complete costumes and are uniformed with their owners, Milan wore a costume that made out of remnant clothes, or “retaso”. Her owner managed to improvised a costume for Milan, and what is it that made her stand out? Judges were fascinated by Milan’s enjoyment on stage with her owner, they jive together and it looked wonderful on stage. Perhaps, she didn’t have the fanciest clothes or costume, but their smiles were priceless. The other contestants captured the eyes of the judges, but Milan captured their hearts. Kudos to the judges and the management of Dueños de Perros en Ciudad de Cavite.