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PetLove App introduced during the Pet Express Dog and Cat Expo 2018

PetLove Sales and Marketing Head Mr. Richard Montealegre joined the stage for the introduction of PetLove App, during the Pet Express Dog and Cat Expo 2018 at SMX Convention, Pasay City. 

On its seventh year, Pet Express’ Dog and Cat Expo pumped things up with its ‘University‘ theme. On the day of the event, pet owners will be able to flaunt their furry pet’s student-esque clothes and interact with other pet enthusiasts. Exclusive promos and discounts from famous pet brands await the visitors. There will also be informative talks regarding proper pet grooming, feeding, and caring.

PetLove is pleased to be able to present our program during stage time, and be engaged with audience is a great and fun experience. Pet industry has seen amazing growth over the past decade, the pet ownership increased immensely and expecting to double in 2022. The only apparent thing that millennials love almost as much as their pets is Technology, prolific pet owners is drawn into technologies and trendy mobile applications that brought satisfaction and fulfillment in their daily lives.

Being able to see your pet’s medical condition and vet appointment, enjoy your pet’s exclusive social hub, seeing all of the related organizations using a “Partners Locator” that could help you in overall welfare of your pet, plus, a preferred discount from our Partners all over Metro Manila, all wrapped up in one Application is undeniably beneficial. Every detail at your finger tip! PetLove is securing a comprehensive pet care service for all of members, while at the same time helping all related organizations to increase their potential market and profitability.